Make some tea and grab some cookies and watch an old Arab film :)


Here it is, the thing I promised like 2 years ago…a compilation of all the shows/biopics of our favorite Arab actors/actresses and singers! (And yes, they’re all in Arabic)

Abdelhalim Hafez  [show] [film]
Ismail Yasin
Laila Mourad
Nizar Qabbani
Oum Kalthoum
Salima Murad
Tahiya Karioka

(PS, I tried really hard to stick with only YouTube links so my apologies folks!)

Ramadan Mosalsals 2014 - Master List!

Siray Abdeen (Yusra, Nelly, Qusai Elkholi)

Sigan El Nissa 

Embratoreyet Meen (Hend Sabry)

Sahab Al Sa3da (Adel Imam)

Bab El Harra 6

Al-Kabir 4

Itiham (Myriam Fares)

Kalam Ala Waraq (Haifa Wehbe)

By the way there are at least 100 new shows coming out this month, so I’ve just listed the most popular ones, will add more soon!

Which Mosalsals are you watching right now?

thinking of starting a masterlist! 

Movie Link #18: Bayn Qasrayn (Palace Walk - Nagib Mafouz)



Today’s movie is for all you Naguib Mahfouz fans! Bayn Qasrayn (Between the two Palaces) was written by Mahfouz in 1956 as the first part of the Cairo Trilogy. The story follows around a family in 1919, right in the middle of a political transition in Egypt from British occupation. In 1964, Mahfouz’s story was adapted to screenplay and was directed by Hassan Al-Imam. The film stars Yahya Shaheen, Maha Sabri, Abdelminam Ibrahim, Samir Sabri and many more! Let me know what you think of the movie.

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