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Movie Link #18: Bayn Qasrayn (Palace Walk - Nagib Mafouz)

Today’s movie is for all you Naguib Mahfouz fans! Bayn Qasrayn (Between the two Palaces) was written by Mahfouz in 1956 as the first part of the Cairo Trilogy. The story follows around a family in 1919, right in the middle of a political transition in Egypt from British occupation. In 1964, Mahfouz’s story was adapted to screenplay and was directed by Hassan Al-Imam. The film stars Yahya Shaheen, Maha Sabri, Abdelminam Ibrahim, Samir Sabri and many more! Let me know what you think of the movie.

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Movie Link # 17 : Mamnou Al Hob (Forbidden Love)


Mamnou Al Hob (Forbidden Love) was filmed in 1942, directed by Mohammed Karim, starring Mohammed Abdelwahab & Ragaa Abdo. This film is inspired by Shakepeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Aziz (Abdelwahab) falls in love with the beautiful and young Fakria (Ragaa Abdo), but of course, she is the daughter of his father’s arch nemesis. What happens? Does Aziz and Fakria’s love prevail? Or do they fall into this spiral of family dispute? Or do they play out the old Romeo & Juliet story?? Watch and find out.

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